Insurance Portfolio Monitoring With AI

We help P&C insurance carriers prevent high severity claims that dip into their profits.

Our technology analyzes satellite and street-level imagery to detect the most vulnerable policies.

Enhance Underwriting

We save underwriters time and money on unrelevant surveys and provide them with exclusive property features.

Prevent High-severity Claims

A single outdated policy can generates costly claims. We detect discrepancies between your portfolio and ground-truth data.

Rely On Quality

Our proprietary AI delivers results in minutes. Each and every analysis is then reviewed by our team of engineers.

Suitable for

Residential and Commercial Buildings

We provide a 360° view on every policy by mapping it to dozens of data sources. Our software then extracts more than 20 exclusive features.


Roof material
Visible signs of degradation
Solar panels


Cracks in the facade
Peeling paint, graffitis
Signs of water ingress
Shared walls


Commercial activity
Signs of illegal occupation

Ground-truth & Refreshed Data

Our algorithms rely on weekly refreshed imagery and govermental data available in more than 10+ countries including: USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Satellite Imagery

Street-level Imagery

Census Data

Online Listings

On average we increase by 500% the relevancy of on-site inspections.

We work closely with your loss control and underwriting teams to help you save millions in future claims and on-site inspections.